Studio A

Falcon Recording Studios has been the leader of Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Big Band and Classical recording in Portland, Oregon since 1981. A relaxed atmosphere and comfortable environmentlocated near the heart of this great city makes our studio the destination for local artists as well as national acts.

From demos to full CD’s, digital editing to mastering, voice overs, to audio plays, as well as any special projects you toss our way, we can handle the needs you have to create a fantastic piece of work.

Using Computer based recording systems Running industry standard ProTools and DP5 with state of the art Apogee Digital Converters,or 24 track 2 inch analog, we can work hand in hand with producers and musicians to take your projects to the next level!

Our huge tracking room with dual iso booths is perfect for Big Bands and live groups as well as small bands and solo musicians. Also included in our tracking room is a beautiful Grand Piano and a amazing full drum set that we have put togetehr over the years.

Falcon Recording “Studio A” can be rented out by the hour, by the day or by the week. Rates vary based on the amount of time you want and the engineer. Please Contact Falcon Recording Studios for more details.

Falcon Recording Studios - Studio A
Studio A
Falcon Recording Studios - Studio A (racks)
Studio A Racks
Falcon Recording Studios - Studio A (Grand Piano)
Studio A Piano
Millennia Mic Pres
Mic Pres
falcon recording studios tracking room A
Studio A Tracking Room