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Falcon Recording Studios has been the leader of Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Big Band and Classical recording in Portland, Oregon since 1981.

A relaxed atmosphere and comfortable environment located near the heart of this great city makes our studio one of the favorites for local artists, as well as national acts.

Our Services include CD projects, digital editing, mastering, voice overs, audio plays, audio books, cassette and tape transfers, as well as any special projects you toss our way.

With 24 track 2" analog and 3 DAWS on site we can handle or translate files between Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, and most others. Apogee Converters give you the best in digital audio conversion, recording and playback.

Our tracking room with dual iso booths is perfect for Big Bands and live groups as well as small bands and solo musicians. Also included in our tracking room is a Yamaha Concert Grand Piano Falcon.

Recording "Studio A" can be rented out by the hour, by the day or by the week.

Kristyna Mullen, our graphics designer in Studio B, can build your custom web site, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and CD design and layout.

We can take your project from Recording to Mixing to Mastering and final CD design all in one stop.